16 January 2018

How to Clear Cache on Pixel 2


    Clearing extra storage space may be a common way to fix several of the issues that users of the pixel 2 sometimes face. If you’ve never wiped your cache partition before, it may have grown to take up millions of valuable space in your storage. totally different apps may also conflict with one another over the data they store in your cache partition, and cleaning it out usually fixes easy issues. once you experience a problem along with your pixel 2 that everyday solutions don’t fix, try wiping your cache partition. directions are included below.

    Wipe Cache on pixel 2

    1. Turn your device OFF
    2. Simultaneously press the power, Home and Volume Up keys and hold them till the pixel 2 begins to boot
    3. You’ll see the words RECOVERY MODE in the top left of your normal boot screen
    4. In recovery mode, navigation is accomplished with the volume buttons
    5. Select “Wipe cache partition” and hit Power to choose
    6. Hit “Yes” to wipe your cache, then reboot

    Wiping your cache partition will only delete temporary data, so a full backup isn't necessary. you may need to login to some apps once more, but your setting will be intact.