How To Close Apps LG V30

How To Close Apps LG V30

If you are an LG V30 user, chances are that you have experienced your battery quickly draining. One of the most common reasons this occurs is that you forgot to close the apps on your LG V30. Closing the apps on your phone has never been easier and simpler with LG because of it’s newly added tweaks on this handset.

To easily shift between Social Media apps like Facebook and Twitter, or just to browse all of the applications you have opened, the New softkey on your LG V30 can be an aid. The instructions we will be catering below will enable you to close applications on your V30 in a snap.

Closing Applications on LG V30

  1. Open your smartphone
  2. Tap the Soft Key located at the left of your LG V30’s home screen
  3. Tap the application you want from all the open applications catered there
  4. Swipe it on a leftward or a rightward motion in order to close it

Also, going to this screen will allow you to see the memory usage of each application you have opened. It’ll enable you to know what application drains a lot of your LG V30’s RAM. To close all the running applications simultaneously, press the button on the lower left and right.