How To Connect VPN From iPhone X

How To Connect VPN From iPhone X

There are iPhone 7 users that will like to know how they can connect their smartphone to VPN. I’ll explain below how you can do this on your iPhone X. Most users will like to know how to do this because it provides you with a private connection when you are online instead of a public connection that can make you vulnerable to online vices.

Another important reason why you may be interested in connecting your device to VPN on iOS is because it allows you to securely send sensitive information. You will need to configure a Virtual Private Network on your device so that any information that you send through it is secure.  You should also know that  VPN works on both WiFi and data connection.

If you have any question on the  protocols that work with your iOS device,  you can check out this link. iOS Supported Protocols for VPN.

How to Setup VPN on iOS for iPhone X:

  1. Poweron your iPhone X running on iOS
  2. Locate Settings, Click on General and then click on VPN
  3. Click on “Add VPN Configuration”
  4. Contact your network administrator for more info on setting it up. Most of time, you can use the same VPN settings you are using on your computer to connect your device

In addition,  you should check out the Apple Support Page Manual to know what configuration to apply when you are setting up VPN on iOS for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Switch VPN “On” or “Off”

When you are done setting up the VPN for your iOS.  You can choose to switch on or off your VPN from the Settings page on your iPhone X. A VPN icon appears on your screen as soon as you connect your device to VPN.

If you have created VPN on iOS for more than one configuration, you are allowed to easily switch from one configuration to another on your smartphone. Locate settings and then go to General,  click on VPN and switch between the VPN configurations.

Setup a VPN on iOS:

You may receive an error message at first. This means that your VPN settings is not correct or there is something wrong with your shared key.  You should ask your Network administrator IT Department to help you fix the issue. If you like to know more about VPN, check out this link on iPhone Business Support or visit the iOS IT page or Apple iOS Developer Library.