How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarms On Essential PH1

How To Create, Edit And Delete Alarms On Essential PH1

An alarm clock is a necessary tool in a phone. Most of us like to be on time. The alarm feature of the Essential PH1 won’t fail on waking you up in the morning to go to school or work and it has an amazing snooze feature. Snooze works by ringing the alarm sound again after the ignored first alarm after 2 or 3 minutes depending on how many minutes you set it. You can follow the steps below on how you can create, modify and permanently delete the alarm clock of your Essential PH1’s clock app or in the built-in widget.

Manage Alarms

Set the alarm time of your phone by tapping on Apps > Clock. Select the “Create” to create a new alarm and modify your desired ringtone, volume, and snooze time.

  • Time: Set the desired time you want for your phone to alarm by typing out the exact hour and minutes or using the navigation buttons. Select whether it’s AM or PM by using the toggle.
  • Alarm repeat: You can choose what days your alarm should be repeated. Do a check mark on the box beside the days of the week.
  • Type: You can choose if you want the alarm to just ring a sound or just vibrate or have it ring and vibrate simultaneously.
  • Tone: Choose the ringtone or music you want to hear when your phone alarmed.
  • Alarm volume: Adjust the volume of the alarm
  • Snooze: Choose whether you want to be able to snooze this alarm. You can set the number minutes (3, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes) to snooze. You can also choose the max number of time to snooze.
  • Name: Give the label to your alarm, if it is for waking up early for work or school, or name it with things you need to do at a specific time.


The snooze feature of the Essential PH1 works after your alarm has rung. You will see a yellow line that has “ZZZ” on it. You can stop the snooze by swiping it on either left or right. It will only work if you enabled it in the alarm settings.

Delete Alarms

You can turn it off or erase an alarm. Just hold that alarm and tap on delete.

Deactivating Alarms

While the Essential PH1 is alarming, it will show an “X” that can be swiped on either left or right to cut the sound off.