How To Customize Google Pixel 2 Notification Bar Menu

How To Customize Google Pixel 2 Notification Bar Menu
How To Customize Google Pixel 2 Notification Bar Menu

Owners of the Pixel 2 might be interested in knowing how to customize their notification bar as they want. The notification bar menu makes it easier and more convenient to have access to settings like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi without having to go to Settings. I’ll explain below how you can alter and change the options available in the notification bar of your Pixel 2.

It’s possible that you have noticed that your smartphone notification bar menu has several toggles for settings which includes changing the brightness of your screen display depending on your device carrier. Using your fingers to pull down from you’re the top of your screen will give you access to the “Quick Settings” menu. This menu allows you to customize your notification bar on your Pixel 2. You can use the tips below to know how you can customize your notification bar.

How to Edit and Customize Google Pixel 2 Notification Bar

  1. Switch on your Pixel 2 Turn on the Pixel 2
  2. Use your finger to drag down the notification bar and tap on the right square icons to have access to  “Quick Settings”
  3. Click on the Pencil shaped icon at the top of the screen
  4. The Notification Panel edit settings will appear (depending on your service carrier)
  5. Here you can customize, add and remove options that you want

All you need to do is to touch and hold the toggle. Then you can move it to anywhere you want.

Whenever you pull the notification bar, your customized list will the first to appear. There’s also a “Quick Settings” menu that you can bring up by swiping with your two fingers.