How To Customize Lock Screen On Essential PH1

How To Customize Lock Screen On Essential PH1

What’s good about having a smartphone is that you can customize everything on it especially the onscreen aesthetics of it. This article will help you customize the Essential PH1 lock screen. You can try to add your desired widget to  the lockscreen or delete the ones you don’t use.

One of the commonly used widget is the weather widget that shows the temperature of your current location and it also allows you to take a peek on the weather update for the next days. Other smartphones doesn’t allow the user to have an option of turning the weather widget on and off. The Essential PH1 has a good point on having this option in the “Settings”. It is not only with the weather widget, the same options apply to other widgets such as the world time and many more.

How to Customize Lock Screen on Essential PH1:

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. Select “Apps” on the home screen
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Tap “Lock Screen”
  5. Open the option for “Lock Screen”
  6. Choose to turn the weather ON or OFF by checking and unchecking the box beside it
  7. Tap the Home button and press the lock button to check if the weather widget showed on the lock screen

If the weather widget is turned on, you will instantly see the weather update on the Essential PH1 via the weather widget showing your current location and the temperature either in degrees or in fahrenheit depending on your choice. But if you chose to disable the weather widget to show on your Essential PH1 lock screen, it won’t show anymore.