31 January 2018

How To Delete Call Log Pixel 2 Google

    How To Delete Call Log Pixel 2 Google

    Some folks would really like to understand a way to delete the log of all calls created and received on pixel 2. read on to find out how you delete these logs on Google pixel 2.
    The call log offers users of the Google pixel 2 a record of all details form outgoing and incoming calls. This records call time and length. However, as cool as this sounds, some users don't seem to be curious about saving this type of details on their Google pixel 2.

    The tips below can assist you to understand how you'll be able to wipe off call log and delete all details about outgoing and incoming calls on your device.

    Deleting call log on pixel 2

    1. Switch on your device
    2. Go to the Phone app
    3. Browse for the Log tab set on the left side of your device screen,
    4. Click on more icon at the highest of your screen
    5. Click on edit
    Before going to every entry on your device call Log, a small box can appear. Mark the box to delete a single call entry.You can additionally click on ‘All’ to get rid of entries within the call log on our Google pixel 2.

    The tips explained above can assist you in deleting call logs on your Google pixel 2.