How To Download Ringtones Essential PH-1

How To Download Ringtones Essential PH-1

Owners of the Essential PH-1 device may surely want to know how to download ringtones. It is vital to learn about the device’s ability to download ringtones for no extra cost, because owners may want to customize ringtones for certain persons in their contact list, when these people are trying to get a hold of them or a certain alarm or alert reminding them of very important tasks set for them to accomplish , we will be discussing how you would be able to do so on your Essential PH-1 device.

Read through the instructions below to change the ringtone for an individual contact. All other callers will have the standard ringtone. This allows you to identify a caller by ear without needing to look at your phone.

We will be discussing and show you how to alter specific ringtones for a new contact in your contact list on your Essential PH-1 device, on the other hand, the others you do not specify alterations for will still use the normal tones that your Essential PH-1 came with, out of the box. Alterations using specific ringtones, for particular persons on your contact list is  not only make things more personal, but give you the ability to know who is trying to get a hold of you , without having to check on the device itself.

How to Download Ringtones to Essential PH-1

The steps on how to add and alter custom ringtones for specific contacts in your contact list is a walk in the park on the Essential PH-1. You can set specific ringtones of your liking for certain people in your list, do the same for messages as well. The steps are as follows:

  1. Switch the Essential PH-1 device on
  2. Maneuver until you get to the Dialer app
  3. Look for and click on to select the contact you want to alter  a ringtone for
  4. Click on to Select the pen-shaped  symbol  to alter the contact
  5. Then click on to  select the “Ringtone” button
  6. A window will appear showing you all the ringtones you have in your device
  7. Decide on a song you wish to set as the ringtone for the contact you earlier selected and click on it to Select it
  8. If the ringtone you choose does not appear on that list, Tap on Add , and look for that particular song in the storage of your Essential PH-1 device and click on it to select it