How To Enable Developer Mode LG V30

How To Enable Developer Mode LG V30
How To Enable Developer Mode LG V30

LG V30’s current release has delivered many alternative controls and features. Some options and security settings Google chooses to hide from the casual user. Luckily, with developer mode on LG V30, you can access many unseen features on the LG V30. You can manage supplementary features of the device, alter settings, turn on USB debugging for progressive capacity to turn on unseen developer menu in settings with the use of Developer Mode.

In case you’re wondering how to evolve into a developer, establish third-party software or ROMs, or just wish to mess around on your brand new phone, you’ll have to begin with deciphering the developer menu. The following method helps you in enabling Developer Mode on the LG V30.

How to Turn on Developer Mode on LG V30:

Proceed to the settings menu by swiping down from the top and selecting the gear icon near the right. Proceed to the “About device” and tap the “build number” under settings. (Note: On the Build number, you have to rapidly tap on it 6-7 times and it will bring up the developer menu). After tapping, you’ll notice the prompt and then you’re done after tapping four more times. Go back into the initial source settings menu after selecting the back button on the LG V30. You’ll see an advanced option above the “About device” after heading back to the ordinary settings. Tap on the “About device” setting right above the developer options. It will take you into the earlier unseen developer menu.

You’ll see a lot of settings aimed at the advanced user in the Developer Mode on the LG V30. Having these settings that aren’t accessible to average consumers is the prime asset to deciphering the developer menu.

Should I Activate Developer Mode?

There is no harm in activating developer options on the LG V30. You’ll identify these options that are undisclosed by Google for a cause in Developer Mode but those wishing to alter their device will have to approach a minority of those settings.