How To Factory Reset Motorola Moto Z2

How To Factory Reset Motorola Moto Z2

There are a lot of existing problems on Motorola Moto Z2, or any other smartphones that are caused by bugs and are software-related. Like most troubleshooting guides would suggest, problems that range from charging, bluetooth connectivity, to other glitches are likely to be caused by these, and can easily be fixed by simply wiping the cache partition, or by performing a complete factory reset. A factory reset reverts your phone to its original system state, making your phone’s software as good as new.

It is essential the note that a back up of all your data (files, images, videos, and other docs), is needed before performing a system wipe. You can back up all your data on your Motorola Moto Z2 by using its built-in function. Proceed to Settings, then select Backup & Reset.

Performing a Factory Reset on Moto Z2

Access the notification section on your screen and select Settings through the gear icon. While on the Settings page, find the User and Backup section. Under this section, select Backup and reset, then choose Factory data reset. Backup all data first and then choose Reset Device. Tap Delete all, and the phone will automatically reboot once the process is done.

Performing a Factory Reset on Moto Z2 Using Hardware Keys

If you cannot perform the method above due to hardware problems, you can still use your hardware keys to perform a factory reset on your Moto Z2.

  1. Switch your Moto Z2 off
  2. Hold and press the Volume up, Home, and Power keys at the same time until the Android icon shows on screen
  3. Use the Volume up/ down keys to browse the options, and the Power button to select wipe data/factory reset
  4. Highlight and select Yes – delete all user data using the Volume down key and Power button
  5. Reboot your Moto Z2. You may now set-up your device from the beginning