How to Factory Reset Google Pixel 2

There may be times once a certain problem needs the ‘nuclear option’ to resolve it. In different words, everything you’ve tried just doesn’t work. As long as the problem isn’t hardware-related, a factory reset is sort of guaranteed to do the trick. It’s advisable to exhaust all different choices 1st, as this method will delete all user data and settings. Therefore, it’s imperative that you simply completely backup your data before start a factory reset on pixel 2. Follow the steps below to return your pixel 2 to its out-of-the-box factory settings

Pixel 2 factory Reset

  1. Your device must be powered off
  2. Press the home, Power and Volume Up keys at the same time and hold them down till the Recovery Mode boot screen appears
  3. This looks exactly just like the normal boot screen with the words ‘Recovery Mode’ in the top left
  4. Once you see the boot screen you'll be able to release the buttons
  5. In Recovery Mode you navigate menus using the volume keys
  6. Select ‘Factory Reset’
  7. Choose ‘Yes’
  8. Reboot the device and you’ll find the OS to be like new once more

If you happen to find a problem that a factory reset doesn't solve, you’ll got to contact the manufacturer or your carrier. try calling the shop where you got the pixel 2. They’ll be able to provide you with more guidance.