How To Fix Back Button Not Working On Essential PH1

How To Fix Back Button Not Working On Essential PH1

To those people who have purchased the Essential PH1, many have complained about the back button is faulty. Many have mistakenly saw it in that way but in reality, it is not broken, the back button has just been disabled or deactivated especially when Essential PH1 is the energy-saving mode. This works when the Touch Key Light is activated, the keys lit up when the Essential PH1 is switched on. The steps below will teach you on how to switch on or off the Essential PH1 “Touch Key Light”.

How to Resolve Not Working “Touch Key Light” on Essential PH1

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. Click the Menu
  3. Click the Settings
  4. Once you get on the Settings page, tap on Quick Settings
  5. Browse for the “Power Saving” and select it
  6. Choose the “Power Saving Mode”
  7. Tap on the “Restrict Performance
  8. Enable or disable the Touch Key Light by checking or unchecking the box beside it

Upon doing the steps, the light on the touch keys of Essential PH1 turns back on.

After following the guide shown above, try pressing on the back button now and if buttons will light up and if it does, then you have successfully fix the back button not working on the Essential PH1