How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery Google Pixel 2

How To Fix Disappeared Pictures In Gallery Google Pixel 2

If you notice you can’t find some of your pictures anymore on your Pixel 2. It’s possible to locate missing pictures on your smartphone. Although, the picture has been stored on your device memory but you can’t find it in your device photo gallery. There are a lot of reasons why you might be experiencing this issue on your Pixel 2. I’ll suggest two methods that you can use to fix this issue and locate your missing pictures or videos on your Google Pixel 2.

Download an Alternative Gallery App on Pixel 2

If you still can’t find your pictures after restarting or rebooting your Pixel 2 , I will suggest that you download and install QuickPic on your Google Play Store. Start the app and see if you can find your missing pictures. If found, that means the issue is with your default gallery. But if you still can’t locate the missing pictures after installing the app, then I will suggest you carry out a Wipe Cache process on your Pixel 2. You can make use of this clear cache to understand how to go about the process.

Restart Your Google Pixel 2

The fastest and easiest method to solve missing media files on your Pixel 2 is to restart your device. Once your device has been restarted, the default media scanner will search for new images. With luck you can bring up missing pictures or videos. If you are willing to know how you can reboot your Pixel 2, you can make use of this complete guide here.