How To Fix Essential PH-1 Freezing And Crashing

How To Fix Essential PH-1 Freezing And Crashing
How To Fix Essential PH-1 Freezing And Crashing

Some Essential PH-1 users have made it known that the device keeps crashing and freezing no  matter what application they decide to use.. Below, we will be discussing and getting into fixing the Essential PH-1 crashing and freezing issue.

There may be more than a couple of reasons why the Essential PH-1 freezes, and eventually crashing on your smartphone. It is very vital to be informed that before you follow and complete the steps, I will be further discussing,make sure that you renew your device to the latest software updates. If after so,completing the said update/renewal and any application continuously crashes. Here are the steps to rectify the issue once and for all.

Delete Bad Apps to Fix Crashing Problem

More often than not applications you download on your device will sometime cause it to crash.

It is quite strongly recommended that you check on Google Play Store for reviews of the said application and try to figure out if other people are going through the sme issues. Since your Essential device can not fix issues about applications you download from different sites like  google Play,it would be google itself or the developer’s responsibility to improve their application, and it would be tantamount to saying, that the device you have is fine, it’s just that the Application you downloaded has issues. If the application you have downloaded, hasn’t been fixed after say a certain amount  of time, it is strongly suggested you get rid the culprit, in this case, the application.

Memory Problem

Sometimes the applications you have downloaded on your device start to freeze for no apparent reason. This may sometimes be due to a memory defect. By doing a soft reset on your Essential PH-1 device, it could solve the issue, but if it does not, I will be discussing the steps on how you would be able to wriggle out of the problem

  1. On your Home Screen Click on to select Apps
  2. Click on Manage applications
  3. Click on to Select the application, that gives you the crashing issue or problem
  4. Now Click to to select Clear Data and Clear Cache

Factory Reset Essential PH-1

If all else fails, try a factory reset. This will get rid of all the data stored on your phone so you should definitely back everything up. Therefore, before you do anything of the likes to your device, Read this guide on how to factory reset the Essential PH-1.

It’s Due to a Lack of Memory

The volatile application may not have enough memory on your Essential PH-1 device to perform properly. You can try getting rid of some applications that serve no more purpose to you. Throw in some media files in there to take off, to give you a bigger memory space.

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