How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Bad Battery Life

How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Bad Battery Life
How to Fix Google Pixel 2 Bad Battery Life

Owners of the new Google Pixel 2 might be interested in knowing how you can solve a bad battery life issue. Most of the time, users experience fast battery drain on their device because of conflicting apps or bugs. The instructions below will educate you on multiple ways that you can use to fix a bad battery life on your Google Pixel 2.

Reboot or Reset Pixel 2

Most times when you experience a bad battery on your Google Pixel 2, the most effective method is to is to factory reset the Google Pixel 2. Carrying out this process also gives you a fresh start on your Google Pixel 2. Make use if this link to understand how to reboot & reset the Pixel 2.

Change Background Sync Settings

When you are not using recent apps, you should know that your battery might still be getting drained. The best way to fix this is to close apps that you are no more using so you that you can save more of your battery life. You can do this by using your fingers to pull down the quick settings and select Sync to switch it off.

You can also locate Settings and then click on Accounts and deactivate sync for the apps you are not using. You’ll notice that your battery will stay longer when you disable sync for apps like your Facebook app.

Disable Wi-Fi

Another cause of fast battery drain on the Google Pixel 2 is the Wi-Fi feature. If you are not connecting your device to a Wi-Fi then, then there is no point leaving it ON. Also if your device is using mobile data you should disable WiFi to save battery life on your Google Pixel 2.

Make Use of Pixel 2 Power-Saving Mode

The Google Pixel 2 comes with a “Power saving mode” feature that has been powered to help you save your battery life. The Power Saving Mode provides options like restriction of background data, deactivating GPS when not in use and reducing the device screen frame rate. Other activities of the Power Saving Mode include switching off the backlit keys and supervising the device process to maximize battery life. You can activate this mode manually or automatically on your Google Pixel 2.

Switch off LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Browsing the internet, using GPS and switch Bluetooth can massively affect your battery life. As soon as you realize that you do not need this service, you can deactivate them and later activate them when you need them. If you are interested in disabling your GPS, all you need to do is to activate the Power Saving Mode. It will only come up when need. Your Bluetooth is another silent but major battery killer. 

Replace TouchWiz Launcher

The TouchWiz launcher has been found to drain battery quickly and it also consumes large memory space. There are other alternative apps like the Nova Launcher that you can try out. The Nova launcher provides a better performance and does not really consume your Pixel 2 battery.

Reduce Tethering

You should also reduce the tethering that you do with your Pixel 2. Tethering lets you share your data connection with other devices. It uses lots of battery, however. The most effective way is to disable tethering or reduce the tethering time that you do with your Pixel 2.

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