How To Fix iPhone X Can’t Receive Message

How To Fix iPhone X Can’t Receive Message
How To Fix iPhone X Can’t Receive Message

Texting problem On iPhone X

For people who purchased an Apple iPhone X, it’s terribly essential to know a way to fix the iPhone X texting problems. The iPhone X texting problems includes texts messages not sending to different smartphone. There are 2 main reasons on why your iPhone X isn't getting text messages.

First is once the Apple iPhone X can’t receive texts or SMS from somebody that sends a text from an iPhone. another excuse is that the iPhone X text messages not sending or SMS to somebody who uses a non-Apple phone like Windows, Android, Blackberry because the messages are sent as iMessage.

These 2 iPhone X texting issues could also be occurring if you’ve used iMessage on your iPhone so you have got transferred your sim card to a iPhone X. For people who have forgotten to deactivate iMessage before using the sim card on iPhone X, different iOS device users can still attempt to use iMessage so as to text you. Luckily, OTFeed is here and we’ll justify during this article on a way to fix the Apple iPhone X not obtaining texts.

How To Fix iPhone X Can’t Receive Messages

Another approach in fixing your iPhone X not getting texts is by going to the Settings of the phone. Then choose on Messages > Send & Receive. click Use your Apple ID for iMessage and register with your Apple ID. check that that your signal and Apple ID are listed below you'll be able to Be Reached By iMessage At. On your different iOS devices, return to Settings > Messages > Send & Receive.

Doing the steps on top of allows you to receive text messages on your Apple iPhone X from iPhone users.

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