How To Fix iPhone X Freezing And Crashing

How To Fix iPhone X Freezing And Crashing

The iPhone X is probably the best smartphone out there right away and has been considered the benchmark of smartphones by several critics and homeowners. Despite its stellar name, it's its share of problems that usually plague newest smartphones. Most users have claimed that the phone has some bouts of quality once getting used. the great news is that we've got a fix that may guide you on the way to fix the iPhone X crashing apps problem.

A myriad of things may be attributable that may cause the iPhone X to lag, and eventually crash. it's noteworthy to say that before you perform any of the following fixes, that you should make certain your iPhone X’ software system is up-to-date. That way, you'll be able to make sure that none of the apps are causing the problems to occur. however if the matter still persists when the update, you'll be able to currently perform the following steps on the way to fix the iPhone X from freezing and crashing.

Delete bad apps to fix crashing problem

Most often than not, glitchy third-party apps are the basis reason for a phones quality that causes it to freeze so crash. that's why you would like to create positive that the app you're downloading is stable by reading the reviews on the app store. If it's AN app that's providing you with a headache, it'd be higher to delete it to improve the health of your iPhone X.

Memory issues

After the phone has been in use for such a long time without one restart, lots of apps will become unresponsive and can cause your phone to freeze and crash. this is often as a result of the apps operation if being laid low with a memory bug. Now, by restarting the iPhone X, it'll clear the cache and would possibly solve the problem. If it's not effective follow these steps:

Option 1, Offload Apps:

  1. Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. Scroll and tap on any Apps, Documents or items you want to clean up.
  3. Select “Offload App” and this may quickly delete the unused app however save all of the information for you.

Option 2, Review large Attachments

  1. Open Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. Scroll down and tap ‘Messages’
  3. Select “Review massive Attachments”
  4. You’ll be directed to any or all Attachments you've got in your text messaging. These are sorted so as of size. you'll be able to delete any from here by swiping left and choosing Delete.

Factory reset Apple iPhone X

If when playing all of the fixes, your iPhone X continues to be having freezes and crashes and you've got no plan what's causing it, you'll need to do a factory reset so as to finally fix the matter once and for all. Be reminded that if you are doing a factory reset, you may lose all the contents on your phone. so it's smart apply that you create a backup of all important data beforehand.

If you’re still experiencing problems along with your phone, you may need to take it in to AN Apple technician for more review.