How To Fix LG V30 That Won’t Turn On After Charging

How To Fix LG V30 That Won’t Turn On After Charging
How To Fix LG V30 That Won’t Turn On After Charging

A lot of LG V30 users had complained that they were experiencing charging problems with their phone. They stated that their LG V30 doesn’t boon upon charging even though it’s been fully charged. Recomhub never failed in helping you with your smartphone woes, so today, we’ll be catering several solutions for this problem.

Press the Power button

The first approach you can do us by pressing the “Power” button numerous times to double check whether there’s a problem with booting your LG V30. Once you have done this and it’s still not responding, please keep reading the rest of the article.

Set your LG V30 to Recovery Mode and Wipe the Cache Partition

The instructions below will put your LG V30 into Recovery Mode.

  1. Long press the Power, Home and Volume Up button simultaneously
  2. Once your LG V30 vibrates, remove the hold from the Power button, while still long pressing the remaining two up to the point the Android System Recovery menu shows up
  3. To highlight the wipe cache partition, use the Volume down button. To select it, use the Power button
  4. Once it’s cleared, your phone will automatically restart

Putting your LG V30 to Safe Mode

Running your smartphone in Safe Mode will result in your LG V30 running only the pre-loaded application, which will enable you to see if there’s a third-party app that’s causing the problem. To undo this, perform the following:

  1. Long press the Power button
  2. Once the LG screen shows up, remove the hold from the Power button then long press the Volume down button
  3. Upon rebooting, the Safe Mode text will appear in the lower left of your LG V30’s screen

Call Technical Support

Given that you have done all the processes mentioned above, we suggest that you return your LG V30 to the shop or store you bought it from in order to be checked by a technician. Once it’s been verdict as defective, you’ll be given a replacement unit as long as it’s still covered by the warranty.