How To Fix LG V30 Won’t Activate

How To Fix LG V30 Won’t Activate
How To Fix LG V30 Won’t Activate

Have you experienced activation errors with your LG V30? Your first resort might be calling your carrier provider or reading our guide here on our website. Either way, it’ll help you out with the situation.

To save you time and prepaid load on calling your carrier, then OTFeed will be happy to help you out with this situation. Carriers such as T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T etc., are all applicable to the solution we’ll be providing you down below. So lend us your ears and let’s now get to the fixes, shall we?

Fixing LG V30 Activation Errors

The main reason your LG V30 cannot be activated is simply that there’s an error with its server. Aside from the main fact there’s a problem with the server, you’ll also be able to notice other problems when experiencing an activation error such as:

  • Activation Server is temporarily unavailable on your LG V30
  • Service cannot be enabled or recognized on your LG V30

Reboot your LG V30

A simple reboot on your LG V30 can easily solve this issue. Rebooting your smartphone does not guarantee the activation error can be totally solved, yet it’s a good way to set things up. To do this, simply reboot your LG V30 then boot it again to inspect whether the problem has been solved.

Connect to Another WiFi Connection

Often, the connection with the server is blocked by the WiFi or network you’re currently using. To check whether it’s the culprit, try connecting to a different WiFi connection.


The last resort to every smartphone problems in the world, performing a factory reset on your LG V30. It’ll give your LG V30 a fresh start. Like we always said , please backup all of your data and files before performing this. To backup your files, head on to settings then click on Backup & reset.