How to Fix Motorola Moto Z2 Bad Battery Life

How to Fix Motorola Moto Z2 Bad Battery Life

For  Moto Z2 device owners, it is very vital to learn about how to fix the Moto Z2 bad battery life problem. Now please note that the length of time that a battery can let you enjoy your device depends on the types of applications being used or  the Android software menaces that need to be fixed. This discussion will show you ways to help alleviate or totally rectify the unideal battery life on your Moto Z2 device.

Reboot or Reset Moto Z2

More often than not, when the Moto Z2 has battery life that is not that good, your best choice would be to do a Reset on your Moto Z2 device. On top of rectifying the battery life you would also be giving your Moto Z2 device a new lease on its performance, as a gadget you use on a daily basis. Here is a guide on how to do so on your device reboot & reset the Moto Z2.

Disable or Manage Background Sync

When opens are being deployed on a device, these apps are pulling at your battery life and bad on your Moto Z2 device It is quite simpel if you want your Moto Z2 device’s battery to last longer it is practical to close applications you are not using or don’t need to be deployed.

An alternative method is to go to Settings > Accounts and disable sync on the applications you are not using. After trying to do I am almost sure that you will notice that your Moto Z2 battery life will be more ideal.

Disable Wi-Fi

The WiFi is fatal to your Moto Z2 battery if it is not disabled even when not in use. Most people don’t need to be connected to wifi 100% of the time. Turning it off occasionally will preserve battery life.

Use Moto Z2 Power-Saving Mode

Your Moto Z2  device has the Power Saving mode feature that includes choices that would  help rectify  its battery life. Within it you can choose to impede background data. Power saving mode will disable apps and services that you aren’t actively using. This can great expand your battery life.

Disable LTE, Location, Bluetooth

Location, LTE and Bluetooth are useful but drain the battery very quickly. Of course it always is necessary and vital to most owners especially when travelling. If you’re able to turn these off you’ll see a drastic improvement in battery life. If you can’t get by without them, know that your battery won’t last as long.

Reduce Tethering

Reduce the amount of tethering that is done with your Moto Z2. Tethering is great for connecting other devices to the internet, but it drains the battery quickly. If you’re having battery problems, try to reduce the amount of tethering