How to fix OnePlus 5 WiFi Problems

How to fix OnePlus 5 WiFi Problems

A lot of OnePlus 5 users have complained of having issues with the Wi-Fi. Most users have complained of receiving a poor and weak Wi-Fi connection and sometimes the device forgets the Wi-Fi network and automatically switches to data connection. There is no need to be upset because there are effective ways to fix the Wi-Fi issue on your OnePlus 5.

OnePlus 5 Switches Automatically From WiFi to Data

One of the popular issues that were reported is that the Wi-Fi connection randomly changes to data connection. The reason for this is because of a feature that is called ‘Smart network switch’. The work of the Smart Network Switch is to always make sure there is a stable connection on your OnePlus 5, whenever it detects that your device is connected to a poor Wi-Fi connection, it will automatically switch to data connection. But there is a way to fix this issue on your OnePlus 5.

Make Sure WiFi is Switched Off on OnePlus 5

It’s likely that your OnePlus 5 is connected to a poor Wi-Fi signal, you should check to be sure if the Wi-FI has been deactivated or switched off. Follow the tips below on how to check the Wi-Fi settings of OnePlus 5:

  1. Power on your OnePlus 5
  2. Click on Menu
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Go to Connections
  5. Click on Wi-Fi
  6. Move the toggle ON/OFF next to Wi-Fi to switch Wi-Fi OFF

How to Forget a Saved Wi-Fi Network:

You are also allowed to remove a Wifi network on the OnePlus 5 in case you are not using anymore or you don’t know the password. From your home screen, click on Settings and locate the Wi-Fi option. Look for the network you want to ‘forget’ and as soon as you find it, long press on it and choose “Forget.”

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 5
  2. Drag down the screen to open up the notification panel and click Settings
  3. Search for the Network connections section and select Wi-Fi
  4. Turn on Wi-Fi
  5. Click on the Wi-Fi profile you wish to forget and click on the forget option
  6. Forgotten Wi-Fi network

How to Deactivate the Smart Network Switch (SNS) on the OnePlus 5 and Fix the WiFi Problem:

  1. Power on your OnePlus 5
  2. Activate the mobile data connection
  3. After doing that, locate Menu and click on Settings, then go to Wireless
  4. You will see an option at the beginning of the page called “Smart network switch”
  5. You can now Unmark the box to receive a not so stable wireless connection of your OnePlus 5 with the router still standing upright
  6. Your device will no longer automatically switch between Wi-Fi and the mobile Internet

Solve Slow WiFi on OnePlus 5

One common issue is slow loading time on social media apps. Sometimes the Wi-Fi signal will be strong but the Wi-Fi will still be very slow which can be very annoying. Below are some quick tips to fix the issue on your OnePlus 5.

How You Can Solve Slow Wifi on OnePlus 5:

  1. Switch off your OnePlus 5
  2. Hold these keys together: power off, volume up and the home button
  3. The smartphone will vibrate after a few seconds, and it will enter recovery mode
  4. Look for the entry named “wipe cache partition” and click on it to start
  5. Reboot your OnePlus 5

Get Technical Support

If these solutions don’t work, take your device to an authorized technincian. If proven faulty by a certified technician, you can get a new one or they will try to repair it for you.