How To Fix Slow Camera on Pixel 2

The new product from Google that is the pixel 2 both comes with an incredible camera. The camera feature comes with a strong new technology including rapid autofocus and a very quick shutter that makes it easier to take quality photos in areas with low-light. but some users have reported that the camera can sometimes become slow which becomes annoying.

Most users have reported that they often get a mistake saying “Hold the device steady till it finishes taking the picture” that shows with a circle icon and stays on the screen for a very long time. This error always turns the image taken to look fuzzy. you can make use of the guide below to know how you'll be able to fix this issue on your Google pixel 2.

How you'll be able to Fix Slow pixel 2 Camera Performance

The Google pixel 2 comes with a feature known as picture stabilization that was basically designed for taking photos in the dark. This feature activated out of the box on your Google pixel 2 and can be the reason why you're experiencing a slow shutter speed on your Google pixel 2.

  1. Switch on your Google pixel 2
  2. Enter the Camera
  3. Go to settings
  4. Deactivate “Picture Stabilization”

When you have successfully completed the directions above, it'll increase the camera speed. it'll additionally make sure that you take better photos. the idea behind image Stabilization is to take better photos that seem clear and bright. It does this by making sure that shutter stays longer. To use this feature, you'll need to make sure that your hand is steady once taking an image to make sure that the image does not become blurry.