How To Fix Slow Internet Lag On Essential PH1

How To Fix Slow Internet Lag On Essential PH1

The Essential PH1 is included on the list of the fastest smartphones of 2016, but it doesn’t always run at peak efficiency. This applies to all kinds of smartphones. If you’re getting annoyed from surfing the internet with your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or Youtube with a very slow internet connection, check this article out to fix this issue on your Essential PH1.

You need to be informed first on the reasons or causes why your Essential PH1 internet connection is slow before we try fixing this issue.Listed below are the common reason why the internet is getting slow.

Reasons Why Essential PH1 Internet is Slow:

  • Weak or poor signal strength
  • Slow Wi-Fi
  • Server you are trying to connect to is overloaded with the number of users using it
  • Network congestion
  • Background apps are still running
  • Low internal memory
  • Full internet cache
  • The Essential PH1 firmware is not updated to latest
  • Outdated browser
  • Reached the data limit

So that are the common reasons why the Essential PH1 internet connection is getting slow. You need to check up on this factors first and try simple troubleshooting but if it doesn’t work, we’ll help you figure out how you can solve the slow WiFi connection issue of the Essential PH1. Read and do the steps below.

Turn Off Wifi on Essential PH1

If your Essential PH1 is still connected to a weak WiFi signal, you should turn OFF the wifi so that your device connects to data through your service provider instead. Do so by following these steps.

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. Select Menu
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll through and tap Connections
  5. Choose Wi-Fi
  6. Switch the toggle OFF.

Clear Cache on Essential PH1

If the method above still didn’t fix the slow internet issue of your Essential PH1, wiping the cache partition might help. Wiping cache will just delete the temporary cache files not erase any personal data or settings on the device.

Follow these steps to wipe cache partition: Switch the phone off first. The hold the Home, Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously until the LG logo appears. Once you see the blue recovery options,  the device is now in Recovery mode wherein you can choose the option do to clear the system cache. You can use the Volume Up button to navigate through the options and choose “Wipe cache partition” carefully by tapping on the Power button as the select key. Now reboot your system. You can also check this guide for a more clear read on how to clear Essential PH1 phone cache.

Scan Essential PH1 For Malware

If the solutions above are of no help, try using your antivirus application to check for malware. Check the Google Play Store for a free antivirus app. Just be sure of the apps you download on your Essential PH1 or try to read the reviews about the application first before downloading it to get a successful output for solving the slow internet connection.

Clear the cache and data on your Essential PH1 if the antivirus app has detected some malware on the Essential PH1. However, if it doesn’t help on solving the issue,try to do a factory reset on the Essential PH1 to delete all files including the unidentifiable reason why the Essential PH1 has a slow connection. Be sure to back up all of your files before performing a factory reset.

Get Technical Support

These are basically all the solutions for the slow internet connection of the Essential PH1. If all of this doesn’t help , try taking the Essential PH1 back to the store where you purchased it. If the Essential PH1 is proven to be defective, they may provide you a new replacement unit.