How To Fix Slow To Charge Problem iPhone X

How To Fix Slow To Charge Problem iPhone X

If you have tried using the iPhone X, you will agree that Apple did a great job in trying to make the smartphone problem free. However, no design is without flaws and this is why some folks have reported having their iPhone X charging slowly. You might run into some conclusions such as the USB cable being faulty while in the real sense the problem could be solved using some simple methods we are going to suggest to you which have proven to be effective in fixing the slow charging problem on iPhone X.

The following are some common causes of the slow charging iPhone X problem;

  • Broken, bent or pushed in connectors on your iPhone X or on the battery
  • A defective iPhone X
  • A faulty or damaged battery
  • Defective charging unit
  • A defective cable
  • A temporary issues with your iPhone X

Reset Apple iPhone X

Most often our iPhone X slow charging issues could be solved by a simple reboot. Although this method provides a temporary solution to this problem, it is still a great place to start. You can learn the detailed guide on resetting your iPhone X here.

Clean USB Port

In some simple cases, you can quite easily fix the problem especially if the USB port has been blocked by dirt or dust. This blockage could be interfering with the USB connection and hence resulting into slow charging. To fix this problem, simply use a needle or pricking object to remove the dirt or dust from the port. A lot of care needs to be taken when cleaning the USB port because you wouldn’t want to damage your iPhone X further.

Changing Cables

While you might have come all this way to try and fix the slow charging problem on your iPhone X, you should start off by checking if the charging cable is working fine. If not then you need to replace it with a new one.

Get Support From Authorized Technician

If none of the solutions work, consider taking your iPhone X to a technician. The Apple technician will check if the iPhone X is in need of a repair and if so a replacement unit will be provided as long as your phone is under warranty.