How To Get Essential PH-1 To Read Text

How To Get Essential PH-1 To Read Text

For owners of the Essential PH-1 device, I am pretty sure that you want to learn how to know make the Essential PH-1 device to let you hear what the message is, aside from you reading it.The steps on how to  use dictation to read to you the text is a walk in the park,  . Be aware that other smartphones, would need you to to directly into the Google Play store to download an application to get the device to do this for you.

This feature will read text out loud, including books and other documents. This can also be used to read different texts and read them out loud in languages, including , but not limited to English. Simply put, the device can speak the messages out loud and translate them to many different languages, not only English.

How To Get Essential PH-1 To Read Text:

  1. Switch the Essential PH-1 device on
  2. Maneuver to the Essential PH-1 home screen
  3. Click on to Select  Settings
  4. Maneuver to System
  5. Click on to Select Language & input
  6. Click on to Select the Text-to-speech options under  the Speech section
  7. Pick  the Text To Speech engine you want to use:
  8. Essential text-to-speech engine
  9. Google Text-to-speech engine
  10. Beside the  the search engine, select the Settings symbol
  11. Click on to Select Install voice data
  12. Tap on Download
  13. Wait for the language to download
  14. Click on to Select the Back key
  15. Choose the language

After you have followed the steps found above,maneuver  to the Home screen, click on to select Applications and then click on to select  S Voice. After you have maneuvered  to the S Voice, click on to select the Recent Apps key and then  click on to select Set driving mode on. To disable the driving mode, tap on  the Recent Apps key again and then Tap Set driving mode off.

This is a convenience feature only, not an accessibility feature. The visually impaired will ned addition accessibility services to get full use out of the Essential PH 1.