How To Get A Ringtone Google Pixel 2

How To Get A Ringtone Google Pixel 2

There are owners of the Google Pixel 2 that will be interested in knowing how they can make a ringtone on their smartphone. This allows you to create ringtones for specific contacts or you can also use the ringtone for your alarm clock to remind you of a particular task. I’ll explain below how you can get a ringtone on your Google Pixel 2.

Getting a Ringtone on Pixel 2

It is very simple to add and create personalized ringtones on your device. You can choose a specific call ringtone and text alert noise for each contact. Follow the tips below to create custom ringtones on your Google Pixel 2:

  1. Switch on your Google Pixel 2
  2. Then tap ‘Phone’
  3. Search and click on the contact that you wish to create a ringtone for.
  4. Next, tap edit
  5. Click on the ‘Ringtone’ icon
  6. A window will appear listing the audio available
  7. Finally, search and click on the song that you wish to use
  8. If you can’t find the song, click on ‘Add’
  9. You can search for it on your Pixel 2 and click on it

The tips above will make you understand how you can select a particular ringtone for a contact on your Google Pixel 2. You should know that your standard ringtone will be used for other calls. One of the major advantages of setting a specific ringtone is that it allows you to know who is calling without looking. It also gives you a more personal experience with your Google Pixel 2.