How To Hard Reset Google Pixel 2

How To Hard Reset Google Pixel 2

If you realize that your Google Pixel 2 is behaving irrationally and not responding to touch, the most effective solution is to carry out a hard reset, this process will reset your device back to factory mode setting just like a new one. You can use this link to understand how to factory reset Google Pixel 2.

It’s important to point out that carrying out a hard reset on your Google Pixel 2 will wipe off and delete all files, data and app settings. I will advise that you ensure you backup your files to prevent loss of data. It’s easy to backup your files on Google Pixel 2, you just need to go to Settings > Backup & reset.

How to Hard Reset Google Pixel 2:

  1. Switch off your Google Pixel 2
  2. Touch and hold these keys at the same time. Volume Up + Home button + Power key until the Google logo appears
  3. You can now make use of the Volume keys to select “wipe data / factory reset” and use the Power key to select it.
  4. Click on “Yes” to confirm the process
  5. Reboot the device

Second Method to Hard Reset Google Pixel 2

  1. Power on your Google Pixel 2
  2. As soon as you get to the Home screen, locate Menu and go to Settings
  3. Click on Backup and Reset and then click on Reset device.
  4. To confirm the process, click on Erase everything.