How To Increase Battery Life On iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus

How To Increase Battery Life On iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus
How To Increase Battery Life On iPhone 6s And iPhone 6s Plus

The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are such great smartphones that it’s hard to put them down. But since your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus running on iOS 9 uses so much of the battery, it dies quickly. There is a way to increase the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus battery life for double or more with the easy steps that’ll be provided below.

So if you’ve tried everything else and it turns out you’re just using your iPhone with iOS 9 more than the battery will allow for the length of time you need to use it. You’ll need to stop using some of the features you don’t really need in order to keep using the ones you do. The more you turn off, the longer your batter will last — but of course the less you’ll be able to do. It’s a balancing act but one that can help you squeeze out a little extra juice when you really need it.

There are some old tricks you can try when you’re in a jam as well, and the new Control Center makes it really easy to do many of these really quickly now:

  • Use headphones instead of the speaker if you have to listen to audio or music
  • Turn down the screen brightness
  • Turn off Bluetooth when not using it
  • Turn off Wi-Fi when not using it
  • Set all email, calendar, and contacts accounts to “Fetch” (turn off Push)

The following are several great tips to help reduce the battery usage and help increase the battery life on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus:

  • Turn off Background app and content refresh: Don’t waste power downloading things when you don’t explicitly need to. Settings, General, Background App Refresh shows you everything you can turn off. Also go to Settings, App Store and turn of automatic app and content downloads.
  • Turn off Location Services: Go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services, and turn off any app and system service you really don’t need tracking or using your location: Including the new Frequent Locations tracker!
  • Turn off Push Notifications: Likewise, go to Settings, Notifications, and turn off any app you don’t care to be alerted about.
  • Turn of Notification Center widgets: Stocks, and particularly weather in Notification Center seem to be causing our readers some battery grief. Since weather can be location-based now, the potential is there for more battery abuse.
  • Turn off Airdrop: Airdrop uses bluetooth which uses more power than Wi-Fi. That’s why when you don’t use Airdrop turn it off to save your batter from draining quickly.
  • Automatic Updating: iOS 9 allows you to instantly Download fresh App updates whenever there’re all set without browsing the particular App Retail store. To be able to disable this kind of, go to Settings > iTunes along with Apple Keep as well as uncheck the actual Changes option.