How To Keep Power Saving Mode ON LG V30

How To Keep Power Saving Mode ON LG V30

For those individuals who have their very own LG V30, you may want to learn how to set the Power Saving Mode on for good. Not like early Galaxy devices, the LG V30 lacks the capability to switch the battery, thus the explanation why learning this method.

Your smartphone usage will be more lengthy and lessen the power absorption when LG V30 power saving mode is on. By moving on to the status bar, you can shift on the LG V30 power saving mode.

The default setting of LG activates the LG V30 Power Saving Mode when the consumption of battery life of the smartphone is 20% below. We’ll explain below how owners of LG V30 that wishes to set up the Power Saving Mode on permanently, be enabled.

How to permanently turn on the Power Saving Mode for LG V30:

  1. Switch on the LG V30
  2. Tap on the Menu
  3. Work towards the Settings
  4. Tap on “Battery”
  5. Tap on “Power Saving Mode”
  6. Below are choices after selecting on “Start Power Saving”:
  7. At 5% battery power
  8. 15% battery power
  9. 20% battery power
  10. and 50% battery power
  11. Find the “Immediately” category, then select it.

You can now turn your LG V30 to Power Saving Mode after following the instructions above.