How To Mute Essential PH1

How To Mute Essential PH1

One of the most widely used tools in Essential PH1 is the mute tool. There are several reasons why some people want to mute their smartphone, especially when in a meeting or important events to avoid interruptions. Essential PH1 have different ways to silent the notification sounds and ringtones.

What’s amazing with the Essential PH1 is its feature that allows you to easily switch off the sounds by using gesture and finger motions. You can also put the Essential PH1 in mute and vibrate mode.

Muting Essential PH1 with Regular Mute Functions

The common way to put the phone to mute is by using the volume buttons on the left side part of the Essential PH1. Hard press the volume down button and it will automatically divert to silent mode. Another way to mute the Essential PH1 is by using the status bar. It has the instant sound settings that switch your phone to silent mode by just tapping the speaker icon. Show the status bar by swiping down the bar from the top screen. Lastly, use the power button options. Access it by hard pressing it and wait until the option for vibrate and silent mode. Choose your preferred mode from the two.

Muting Essential PH1 with Motions and Gestures

The latest trend feature of the Essential PH1 is the motion control. This is another way to silent your phone. By putting your hand over the screen or lay it in front of your face, you can easily mute the Essential PH1. Activate the motion control by tapping the “My Device” in the Setting app and select “Motions and Gestures”.