How to Mute OnePlus 5

How to Mute OnePlus 5

Muting your OnePlus 5 prevents the people you’re speaking to from hearing sounds from your end. Muting resolves sound problem especially when you’re receiving a group conference call, and you won’t be talking for a long time, or it could be for other reasons. In addition, muting helps to avoid unwanted interruptions such as sirens or delivery truck.

There are several options on your OnePlus 5 if you want to mute your ringtones or other notifications. In addition to the OnePlus 5 standard mute, vibrate and silent mode functions, the OnePlus 5 has simple motion gestures that you can use to turn off the sound. Below, we’ll explain how to mute your OnePlus 5.

Mute OnePlus 5 Using the Standard Mute Functions

The easiest and fastest way to mute your OnePlus 5 is through the volume control button that is on the right side of the phone. Hold the down button until it enters silent mode. You can also use the power button to switch to silent mode, hold the power button until the vibrate/mute option appears on the screen and you can opt into anyone. The last option is by swiping down the notification bar from the top of the phone screen, and you can access the option there.

Mute OnePlus 5 With Motions and Gestures

You can use the motion control on the OnePlus 5 to silent/mute your phone. To enable this gesture and motion settings to mute sounds, turn the phone over and lay it on its face or you can just place your palm on the screen of the phone. To access motion gestures control; go to “My Device” page in your phone settings.