How To Recover Deleted Pictures On Google Pixel 2

How To Recover Deleted Pictures On Google Pixel 2
How To Recover Deleted Pictures On Google Pixel 2

There are times when we mistakenly delete pictures on our Google Pixel 2. I’ll explain below how to restore these images or files. The most effective way of recovering pictures is by making use of software recovery tools. These are easy to find and use for Google Pixel 2.

These apps are efficient for restoring several file formats including videos. You can also use them to restore text messages. I will recommend that you try out these two great tools to recover deleted images on your Google Pixel 2: Dr Fone for Android, and Android Data Recovery. These two tools are very intuitive and work with most media files available.

How to Get Back Deleted Photos On Pixel 2

The first thing to do before recovering anything on your Google Pixel 2 is deactivate your Wi-Fi or data. Alternatively you can just activate the airplane mode. This will make sure that you do not overwrite on files that have been already deleted. After you’ve done this, you can  download the file recovery program to recover deleted pictures on your Google Pixel 2

How to Restore Deleted Photos from Android

  1. You will need to Download Dr Fone for Android
  2. Install the software on your computer
  3. Start the program after installing and follow the instructions.

As soon as you launch the program, you will need a USB cable that is working perfectly to connect your Google Pixel 2 to your computer. Activate the USB debugging mode which you can find in the developer menu on your Google Pixel 2.

As soon as you activate the developer mode, at the bottom of the list, you will see an option called USB Debugging. Activate this option and a notification will appear at the bottom of your File Recovery Software with ‘USB Debugging is enabled and open’. From here, all you need to do is to follow the onscreen instructions to recover deleted pictures on our Google Pixel 2.

Give this process a few moments to complete. Then choose the files that you want to recover. After selecting the files, just click ‘Recover’ to restore your deleted pictures and files back to your Google Pixel 2.

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