How To Save Bookmarks On iPhone X

How To Save Bookmarks On iPhone X

If you frequently use the internet to read articles and search for other stuffs, then it would save you a lot of time to learn how to save Bookmarks on your iPhone X especially if your browser is Safari.

Bookmarks on Safari make it easier for you to save pages which you would like to visit much later. Besides that, it will save you from having to type in the websites url every time you need to access that particular webpage.

Read further on to learn how to save Bookmarks on your iPhone X. 

How to Save a Bookmark in Safari on Your iPhone X:

  1. Switch on your iPhone X
  2. From your Home screen, open the Safari browsing app
  3. Browse for the website you would like to Save as bookmark
  4. Load the page and select the Share button. From the pop-up menu tap on Add Bookmark
  5. From here you can also edit the site’s name as well as the storage location of the saved Bookmark
  6. Tap Save to store your Bookmark on your iPhone X

You might also want to delete the saved bookmark later on. If this happens to be the case then you should head to the Favorites list and tap on the Book icon. The book icon can be located at the bottom of the Safari browser. Once you do that you can select on Edit then tap on the red colored circle on your selected Bookmark.