How To Stop Group Messages In iPhone X

How To Stop Group Messages In iPhone X

Owners of the new iPhone X can be curious about knowing however they'll stop receiving group messages on their device. the thought behind the group message feature is to make a feature that you simply will use to speak to your friends or colleagues at a similar time while not having to open many threads. As cool as this feature sound, it will become annoying generally once the messages keep coming and generally this messages don't seem to be necessary to you and users will like to know how they'll stop receiving these messages. I’m certain you'll be glad to understand you'll stop receiving these messages on your iPhone X. make use of the guide below to know however you'll exit the group iMessage and mute friends on the iPhone X.

Stop Receiving group Text Messages on iPhone X

If you do not need to receive these messages any longer. the most effective option is to fully leave the group. you'll try this by opening the group message and click on on Details placed at the highest right corner of your screen. Clicking on this may bring up a list of the group members, location settings and {a collection|a set|a group} of the media files that are shared within the group. on top of this section, you'll see an icon labelled ‘Leave this conversation.’ Click on it and you'll be removed from the group.

It’s necessary to suggests that using this technique will fully remove you from the group and you'll not be ready to add yourself any longer. additionally,  this technique only works for group members using the iMessage feature.  If there area unit SMS users within the group. The icon to leave the conversation are going to be in grey color and it'll not be visible.

Mute a group Chat in Messages using the don't Disturb Feature

You may not need to leave the group fully, but not get constant notifications. to form certain your Apple ID remains a part of the group, you'll use the don't Disturb feature to mute messages within the group.

You can set up this feature by locating Messages on your device. Then open the message you would like to mute and click on Details. Move down till you find the don't Disturb option. Click the button to switch it on and you'll not receive notifications for messages from the group once more.

The advantage of the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature is that it applies to any or all message sorts. you'll forever return to the group message to review something new.