How To Switch off Amber Alerts on iPhone X

How To Switch off Amber Alerts on iPhone X

The Apple iPhone X gets amber alerts or severe weather warning from government officials, local and state safety agencies, the FCC, the National Weather Service, and Homeland Security. iPhone X devices have emergency/Amber weather alerts, and notifications just like other smartphones.

The Amber alert is an exciting feature that can prevent you from injury and help save your lives. Some iPhone users want to know how to switch it off because it can be shocking, if it happens when you’re sleeping, driving, or not expecting loud sound from your phone.

The iPhone X has four types of alerts, and they include Presidential, Extreme, Severe, and Amber alert. All of the signals can be turned off except for the presidential messages. You may want to know how to turn off Amber alert sounds if you own the Apple iPhone X. Just follow the instructions we explain below to switch off the Amber alert.

How to Switch off Amber Alerts on the iPhone X

Going to the text messaging application known as “Messaging” is one of the ways you can control the Amber alerts on the iPhone X. Follow the step below once you get to the Messaging app.

  1. Turn on your Apple iPhone
  2. Open the Settings app
  3. Click on Notification
  4. Scroll down to Government Alerts
  5. Switch off the Amber Alerts by sliding left

You’ve now successfully disabled any of those alerts that were keeping you awake at night, or going off at the wrong time on your iPhone X. You can also follow the instructions we explain above and recheck the boxes you want to get alerts and notifications from if you’re going to switch it on.