How To Track Apple iPhone X

How To Track Apple iPhone X

Nobody wants to experience losing a phone, especially an Apple iPhone X. But there no need to be sad because you can find and recover your lost or stolen Apple iPhone X. Wherever they smartphone is, Apple has made it possible to be to recover it. I will explain below how you can find your loved Apple iPhone X that has been stolen.

Statistics has shown that smartphone theft occurs more during the spring time. But it is still possible to lose your Apple iPhone X in the summertime as well. There is a feature on the Apple iPhone X called the Find My iPhone system that makes it possible to track, locate and recover your stolen Apple iPhone X . You can also use the service to remotely delete all your files on the Apple iPhone X.

Pick a Method to Wipe Your iPhone

It’s possible that you have not backed up your device before. As soon as your device gets lost, it’s no longer possible to recover your data before you carry out a reset process. To reset the password of your device you will need to wipe the Apple iPhone X.

  • If your device is already connected with iTunes, then make use of the iTunes method.
  • If your device has been connected with the iCloud or Find My iPhone service, then I will suggest that you use the iCloud method
  • You can use the recovery method if the other two options aren’t available

Erasing Your iPhone with iTunes

  1. You will need to connect your device to a computer
  2. Launch iTunes, and if prompted, provide your passcode with another computer or make use of the recovery mode
  3. Wait for a few minutes for the iTunes sync process to be complete and then create a backup
  4. When the process is completed and the backup has been successful, select restore [your device]
  5. A Set Up screen will appear on your Apple iPhone X, click on Restore from iTunes backup
  6. Choose your Apple iPhone X in iTunes and search for the most recent backup and click on it

Erasing Your iPhone with iCloud

  1. Visit with another smartphone
  2. If requested, provide your Apple ID details
  3. Click on ‘All Devices’ placed at the top of the browser
  4. Go to the device you wish to erase
  5. Click on Erase [device] and your device and passcode will be erased.
  6. You now have two options to select from: restore from a backup or set up as new

You should know that your smartphone must be connected to Wi-Fi or cellular network for you to have access to the Find My iPhone service.

Using the Recovery Mode Option to Erase your iPhone

It’s possible you have not connect your device with iTunes or set up Find My iPhone in iCloud, which means that the only option left is the recovery mode to solve this problem. This will also erase your device.

  1. You will need to connect your Apple iPhone X to a computer and open iTunes
  2. Then you can now, force restart it: ( you can do this by pressing and holding the Sleep/wake key and the home key for 10 seconds. Release your hand as soon as you see the recovery mode screen)
  3. Two options will appear you can either Restore or Update, select Update. iTunes will help you to reinstall iOS without deleting your Apple iPhone X data. Wait for some minutes for the process to be completed