How To Turn Off Camera Sound Essential PH1

How To Turn Off Camera Sound Essential PH1

The Essential PH1 is famous and on the list of the smartphones with amazing camera. It has a high megapixel quality that helps to capture clear photos. Its selfie camera is also amazing but what’s not amazing is hearing those shutter sound again and again if you take simultaneous shots. Many users want to know how they can disable the camera shutter sound to avoid unwanted attention on Essential PH1.

The United States has a law that cameras or cellphones that have cameras shall make a sound when taking photos. So if you are from the United States, turning the Essential PH1 shutter sound off is prohibited and your only choice is just to lessen the volume of your camera shutter.

How to Mute or Turn Down the Volume of Your Essential PH1

Muting the camera sound off or turning the volume down is an easy-peasy thing to do on the Essential PH1. You just have to press the “Volume Down” on the right side of Essential PH1 until it vibrates. This vibrate is an indication that the phone is now in Vibrate Mode. Another push on the “Volume Down” button will switch the vibrate mode to “Mute” which will turn off the camera sound completely.

Plugging Headphones in Won’t Work

Another way to mute the camera shutter sound is by plugging in a headphone. All the sounds, music and notifications are heard through the headphone but unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way for the Essential PH1. The Essential PH1 system separates the sound of notifications and media. To sum it all up, plugging in headphones on the Essential PH1 won’t mute the camera shutter sound.

Use a Third Party Camera App

A third party camera is an app that’s not built-on for the Essential PH1 or simply, it is not its default camera. You can find third party app on Google Play Store. Install a third party camera app will allow you to silent the camera sound but take note that not all apps do it. After downloading the app on the Essential PH1, check its settings if it can the camera sound can be muted.