How To Turn On Find My iPhone X

How To Turn On Find My iPhone X

Most users of the new Apple iPhone X are always curious about how to use the Find My iPhone service. The work of this feature is to assist you to track down and locate your lost or misplaced Apple iPhone X.

You should also know that you will need to deactivate the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature before you carry out a factory reset on your Apple iPhone X. You can carry out this process from your smartphone or remotely in iCloud to deactivate the “Find My iPhone”.  The steps below will guide you on how to activate and deactivate the Find My iPhone service on Apple iPhone X.

Tips on How to Activate and Deactivate Find My iPhone:

  1. Locate Settings from your home screen and click on it.
  2. Click on iCloud placed in the Settings menu
  3. Go to  Find My iPhone. You will need to switch it off by tapping the toggle placed on the right. (It will turn to red)
  4. You will be prompted to provide your Apple details (ID and password). Type in an Turn off to deactivate the feature
  5. You have now switched off the “Find My iPhone

To activate it again, follow the steps above and move the toggle back to switch it ON.