How To Use Split Screen on Pixel 2

How To Use Split Screen on Pixel 2

Split Screen is a feature of Pixel 2, but needs to be activated through settings. Read on to learn how.

Activate Split Screen

  1. Switch on your Pixel 2
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Search for Multi window option under Device
  4. Toggle ON to activate Multi window.
  5. You can set your default multi-view settings in this menu

To confirm that you have activated the Multi Window Mode & Split Screen View, a grey half circle will appear on your Pixel 2. When you see this then split screen is active and you can start using it to view apps.

Anytime you want to use these features, just click on the semicircle to move the multi window to the top. After doing this, move the icons from your menu to the window you want to view them. Another effective feature of the Pixel 2 is the ability to reduce or increase the size of the window by just pressing and holding down the semicircle and moving it its new location on your Pixel 2.