iPhone X Plus Not Receiving Messages

iPhone X Plus Not Receiving Messages

Some owners of the iPhone X have complained of not receiving text messages from other mobile devices. Others have complained of not being able to send messages on their iPhone X. These are the common two issues that iPhone X users face on their smartphones.

The first reason for why are you experiencing this issue is because messages are being sent to you from an Android device. The second reason is because you are sending messages to someone that is using a non-Apple device such as Windows, iOS, Blackberry and the messages are being sent as iMessage.

You might run into these problems on iPhone X if you’ve used iMessage before and switched the SIM card. If you forget to switch off iMessage before putting the SIM card on your iPhone X, you will be receiving text messages as iMessage from other iOS device users. But there is no need to be worried because there is a way to fix this issue on your iPhone X.

How you can fix Fix iPhone X Not Receiving Messages:

The first way for fixing this issue of not receiving text message on your iPhone X  that I will suggest is to locate the Settings on your phone and  then click on Messages and go to Send & Receive. Click on Use your Apple ID for iMessage and provide your Apple login details. Ensure that your contact number and Apple ID are appears on You Can Be Reached By iMessage. Now, go back to your other iOS device and click on Settings, then click on  Messages and then tap Send & Receive.

If your iOS device is not available and you cannot switch off iMessage. The alternative solution is to visit Deregister iMessage page and switch off iMessage. As soon as the page comes up, move to the bottom of the page and you will see an option called “no longer have your iPhone?” click on it and a box will appear where you can type in your phone number, click on your region and provide your  phone number.  You can now tap on Send code.  Type the code in the box named “enter confirmation code” and you can now click on submit.

After following the instructions above, you will be able to receive and send messages on your Apple iPhone X.