How To Keep Essential PH1 Screen On Longer

How To Keep Essential PH1 Screen On Longer

Another feature that Essential PH1 provides the user is the “Stay Awake”. Some people are fond of reading articles, books on the internet, and saved pdf books on their cell phones. It is very annoying that when you are at the momentum of the story you are reading then suddenly the screen went all black or turned off when the time run out.

To prevent these things to happen, this feature will surely help you out. So the main idea of “Stay Awake” feature is to prevent these things to happen and lets you enjoy and finish your story peacefully. But you must deactivate this feature manually because the Stay awake on Essential PH1 is in a default mode that is always on. Below is the step to help you keep the screen of your Essential PH1 always on. This is also applicable even if you are charging the Essential PH1.

How To Keep Screen of Essential PH1 On Longer

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. In the Home screen of Essential PH1, click Menu > Android Settings
  3. Search the “Device Information”
  4. Click the entry then you will see the “build number”
  5. Continuously tap many times the “build number”
  6. Information box appears, after tapping it on the seventh time, with description of “Developer options unlocked”

From the settings, go to the developer options and search for “stay awake” then check the box to activate the feature of Essential PH1.