LG V30 Ringtone Downloads (Free)

LG V30 Ringtone Downloads (Free)

Many smartphone owners want a customized ringtone for their LG V30. Downloading free ringtones for your LG V30 is very easy. But some might ask if it’s free? Yes, it is free! You can set your chosen ringtone for specific tasks on the alarm or set a specific ringtone for a specific person on your contact list in order to determine the caller easily by the ringtone set to them. The guideline below will show you the steps on getting free ringtones for your LG V30.

How to Download Free Ringtones on LG V30

You can easily add and create customized ringtones for a specific contact. Setting custom ringtones is not just for the contacts but can also be for text messaging. The steps below will teach you on how to download and set the customized ringtones:

  1. Switch on the LG V30
  2. Tap on Contacts
  3. Select a particular contact for whom you’d like a custom ringtone
  4. Tap on the edit button (a pencil)
  5. Tap on Ringtone
  6. A dialogue box with options to choose from will appear
  7. If you don’t see the ringtone you want tap Add and choose a file from device storage

By following the instruction set above, you can now choose and set the custom ringtone on the LG V30. Callers on your phone can be easily determined now particularly on the people you set the ringtone for, as the others on the contact list are on the default ringtone. Having the ringtones customized, you can have the feel of really owning your LG V30 and make it personal.