Lock Screen Not Working Google Pixel 2

Lock Screen Not Working Google Pixel 2

Owners of the new Google Pixel 2 might be interested in knowing how they can fix the lock screen issue on their smartphone. The lock screen is the first page that comes up whenever you switch on your Google Pixel 2, this makes it very important to fix the lock screen whenever it stops working properly. You are also allowed to change the wallpaper of your lock screen to make your Google Pixel 2 more personal.

How to Change Pixel 2 Lock screen Wallpaper

The process of changing your wallpaper is quite similar on Google Pixel 2. Locate an empty space on your screen, tap and hold will will make the edit mode to appear, you will be provide with the list of options including adding and removing widgets, changing home screen settings, and wallpaper. Click on “Wallpaper”, and then tap on “Lock screen.”

The Google Pixel 2  comes with a lot of preloaded wallpapers that you can pick to apply as your wallpaper, but you can also use personal pictures by clicking on ‘More Images’ option. As soon as you locate the image you want to use, click on the Set Wallpaper option.

There are also other features that you can add to your lock screen. All you need to do is to locate your Settings and then search for “Lock screen”, a list of features will come up that you can add to your Google Pixel 2 lock screen including features like:

  • Dual Clock – which displays the home and current time zones when traveling
  • Clock Size – that you can use t o increase/decrease the size of the clock widget
  • Show the Date – this will bring up the date on your lock screen.
  • Camera Shortcut – that makes it possible for you to easily access the camera
  • Owner Information – allows you to add your social media handles and other relevant user information to the lock screen.
  • Unlock Effect – this provides you with a different unlock animation experience. You can try the watercolor effect.
  • Additional Info – provides you with the option of adding extra features like weather and pedometer details to your lockscreen.