How To Make WiFi Signal Stronger On Essential PH1

How To Make WiFi Signal Stronger On Essential PH1

WiFi is everything now. Most of the apps that are on our Essential PH1 require internet connection such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, etc. However, have you experience using these apps but the pictures are not loading, videos keep on buffering? Isn’t it annoying?

Many factors can explain why the Essential PH1 WiFi connection is turtle-like. You must be familiar with these factors before we tell you how to fix this. Like, knowing what’s the problem, before making a solution, makes sense?

Common Factors Why Essential PH1 Internet is Slow:

  • Weak or poor signal strength
  • Slow Wi-Fi signal
  • Site you are trying to connect to is overload with the number of users using it
  • Excessive users congesting the network
  • Background apps are still running
  • Low internal memory
  • Full internet cache
  • The Essential PH1 firmware is not updated to latest
  • Outdated browser
  • Reached the data limit

So that’s all the reason why the Essential PH1 internet connection is slow. You need to check up on this factors first and try simple troubleshooting but if it doesn’t work, we’ll help you figure out how you can solve the slow WiFi connection issue of the Essential PH1. Read and do the steps below.

Scan Essential PH1 For Malware

If the solutions above are of no help, try using your antivirus application to check if your Essential PH1 is infected with malware. The anti-virus app can be downloaded from Google Play Store free. Just be sure of the apps you download on your Essential PH1 or try to read the reviews about the application first before downloading it to get a successful output for solving the slow WiFi connection.

Clear the cache and data on your Essential PH1 if the antivirus app has detected some malware on the Essential PH1. However, if it doesn’t help on solving the issue,try to do a factory reset on the Essential PH1 to delete all files including the unidentifiable reason why the Essential PH1 has a slow connection. Take note that before performing a factory reset, all files must be backed up.

Clear Essential PH1 Cache

The solutions said above have a high percentage of fixing your Essential PH1 slow internet connection but if for some reason your connection didn’t change anything, do the “Wipe Cache Partition” to fix it. This is safer than doing a factory reset because it doesn’t delete any of your data, just the excess memory of apps, videos, photos and files. Clearing the cache can only be done if your Essential PH1 is in Android Recovery Mode. The guide below to teach you how to clear Essential PH1 phone cache.

Make sure WiFi is turned off on Essential PH1

Poor WiFi signal is not an unusual issue for Essential PH1 and other smartphones. Go to the WiFi settings but take note that you can only open the settings if the WiFi is switched off. Here’s how you can turn off the WiFi of the Essential PH1:

  1. Switch Essential PH1 on
  2. Select Menu
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Scroll through and tap Connections
  5. Choose Wi-Fi
  6. Switch the toggle OFF

Get Technical Support

These are basically all the solutions that can be done for the slow internet connection of the Essential PH1. If unfortunately all of this doesn’t help on fixing it, try taking the Essential PH1 back to the store where you purchased for a checkup so the technicians can see it physically for damage check. If the Essential PH1 is proven to be defective, they may provide you a new replacement unit if they can’t still fix the issue.