Move Photos To SD Card On Essential PH-1

Move Photos To SD Card On Essential PH-1

Taking high quality photographs can now be done without very expensive camera equipments, instead, with only a decent Android phone. Cases may arise when you need to transfer your photos to your SD card from your phone memory for data allocating/ keeping purposes, or when you need to export the photographs somewhere without needing access to your phone itself. More importantly, you may save your photos to the external SD card to free up space from your internal memory. In this article, we will show you how to do so, on your Essential PH-1.

The method presented below, on how to transfer photographs from your phone to an SD card may also be loosely applicable to any other smart phones other than your Essential PH-1. There might be a few differences depending on the model and operating system of the phone, but basically the same principles are applied. You will know what you’ll have to do, and where you should look on any smart phone. This method also works on moving files other than photos.

Why Moving Photos from Internal Memory to SD Card on Essential PH-1 is Useful:

Spending hours browsing through images on their phone’s camera roll is something smart phone users usually do.At times, it may be hard to decide which photographs to keep when in need of spare internal memory. Also, some are forced to unmindfully delete good photos to make space when suddenly in need to take a new photographs and the memory is full. And instead of doing easy technical work by transferring these photographs to an SD card, one might manually delete them off one by one.

The most common useful reason on the user end for opting to transfer images on the card is to be able to keep all the photographs taken by your camera. But you may not be aware, there are other benefits of doing so. In a matter of months or years from buying your phone, you clog up your phone’s internal memory. Soon, this lack of resources may cause your phone to stop certain applications or processes from working properly, resulting in the failing functions of your device.

If an SD  card is available for your disposal, maximising its usefulness may be extremely helpful in saving your phone from running out of space.

Your smart phones have the ability not only to transfer photographs, but also any other kind of files. While following the step-by-step instructions below, you may also keep an eye open on how to apply the same steps on transferring videos, music, or documents.

Moving your pictures from the Gallery to an SD Card on Essential PH-1

Unless you have changed your default storage settings, photographs taken on your Essential PH-1 automatically saves in the “Pictures” or “DCIM” folder. This serves as the gallery for your camera phone pictures. In order to access this folder, click on “Apps”, select “My files”, then tap “All Files” and “Device Storage”. It’s here where you will find the “Pictures” / “DCIM” folder.

Since you aim to move photos taken previously, you will have to browse the folder where it is saved first. Find the “All Files” option by following the steps stated above. Here you will see that you have the option to change default storage from Device storage to SD card storage. It is important to be able to find where this folder lies. Proceed to Device Storage to find the files you need to copy. This can be found under DCIM or Pictures, as mentioned above.

Accessing Photos Taken by Camera from the ‘DCIM’ Folder, and Screenshots from ‘Pictures’:

  1. Switch on your mobile phone
  2. Tap on the folder you have decided to copy
  3. Select the files manually or “Select All” which saves time
  4. Tap the “Share option” from the top right corner of screen
  5. Select “Copy” from the appearing options
  6. Retreat back to the “Settings” menu
  7. Tap on “Copy”
  8. Select “SD memory card” from the list
  9. Find a similar “DCIM” folder or select the “Create folder” option
  10. Create a new “DCIM” folder containing a “Camera” folder
  11. Wait until the processing is  done, which should reflect on screen

Tip: Whole folders can be copied by simple press-and-hold of the intended folder, selecting copy, selecting the SD card, and do “Paste here” at the target folder location.