No Text Alert On Moto Z2

No Text Alert On Moto Z2

If you are a proud owner of a Motorola  Moto Z or Motorola Moto Z2, I am almost certain you would want to learn about the text No ALert feature on your Motorola Device.Wherein your device still gets the message sent to you , but the device  doesn’t alert you that you did, sometimes missing important messages. We will be discussing  how to rectify the Moto Z2 text no alert problem.

If you have noticed that there are emails or text messages in your device, even though your device never alerted you about it, as we move along we will discuss how you can fix the issue, and make sure you get those alerts especially when you are waiting on important emails or text messages, as well as calls and all other alerts.

Restore Text Alerts

  1. Switch your device on
  2. Select your Mail application on device
  3. Search for the “More” button and select “Settings”
  4. Then click on “Notifications”
  5. Please verify if the main button or the master button for email alert or notification is enabled on set to ON
  6. Select an email account you want to be alerted for
  7. Verify and ensure that the alert or Notification tab or button is set to ON or enabled.

After following the steps above, you will surely get alerts or notification if you get an email or a text message from someone. On top of that, you can also alter the settings to change the alert sounds that you get for emails and text messages.