Not Getting Texts on OnePlus 5

Not Getting Texts on OnePlus 5

Are you having difficulties with sending SMS on your OnePlus 5? Maybe you can’t receive texts messages from iPhone users? Not being able to receive and send messages is quite irritating and many users are having this kind of problem with their OnePlus 5. Fortunately, the problem will be over in a jiffy because we have a solution to it.

There are two major messaging problems associated with OnePlus 5 Smartphone. One is that the phone can’t send SMS to anyone that uses Windows, Blackberry or Android powered OS devices as they are posted in an iMessage format. The other problem is the phone can’t receive a message from iPhone users.

These problems occur with people that initially use iMessage on their iPhone and later transfer the sim card from the iPhone to their OnePlus 5. And they forgot to deactivate or still want to be using the iMessage features before switching the sim to their OnePlus. And anyone in this category can read this article to solve the problem of fixing it.

Steps to Fixing the Messaging Issue on OnePlus 5

  1. Return the sim card to the initial iPhone
  2. Connect it to a data network
  3. Open the Setting of the iPhone
  4. Browse to the message feature and switch off the iMessage

In any case that you don’t have the very iPhone with you, the best option is to go to the deregister iMessage features to turn it off. Once you open it, go down and click on the “no longer have your iPhone?” option. There are windows on the option where you are required to select your region and input your phone number. After clicking the send code, enter the code in the “enter confirmation code” window and then submit. After this, you are good to go, and you can send and receive a message from any devices.