Not Getting Texts On OnePlus 5T (Solved)

Not Getting Texts On OnePlus 5T (Solved)

You may have a problem of not getting texts on OnePlus 5T if you’ve just bought the new OnePlus smartphone. There are two different ways to solve this problem of the OnePlus 5T not getting texts. One aspect of this problem is not being able to RECEIVE messages from iPhone users. The other is being unable to SEND messages to anyone except iMessage users.

The first part of this problem comes from using iPhone and switching your SIM card without deactivating iMessage. This causes iOS users to attempt messaging you via iMessage. Since iMessage isn’t compatible with Android and the OnePlus 5, these messages can’t be received. Below are instructions on how to fix the OnePlus 5T not getting texts.

How To Fix the OnePlus 5T Not Receiving Messages:

  1. Turn off your OnePlus 5T
  2. Remove the SIM card
  3. Return the sim card to your previously-used iPhone
  4. Make sure there’s a data connection
  5. Under the Message Settings, deactivate iMessage

The next best option for those that don’t have the original iPhone or can’t turn off iMessage would be “Deregister iMessage.” Use this webpage to deactivate your iMessage. There will be an option for use in case you no longer have your phone. Enter a new phone number to receive a confirmation code. Enter this code to fully deactivate your iMessage account.

You can receive messages on OnePlus 5T from iOS users after you follow the steps above.