OnePlus 5 Silent Mode

OnePlus 5 Silent Mode
OnePlus 5 Silent Mode

OnePlus 5 features an option to easily switch into silent or priority mode, but people hardly used it. Instead they reduced the overall volume to zero. “Priority Mode” is a little harder to know how to use when compared to “Silent Mode”. On the OnePlus 5, once you have learned it, this becomes useful.

The reason for this is because Priority Mode allows more flexibility when choosing the preferred apps and contacts. You may want to know how to set the OnePlus 5 in priority or Silent Mode if you own the Smartphone. Below are tips on how to use Priority Mode rather than Silent Mode on OnePlus 5.

Setting up Priority Mode

You can click on the volume button of the device, and select Priority from the pop-up dialog. You can select several different options and durations for priority mode. You can change how long Priority Mode lasts using the plus and minus buttons. A star icon will display a notification bar when the OnePlus 5 is about to go into Priority Mode, and only those contacts or apps will be granted access to notify you. The OnePlus 5 won’t make any sound until the Priority Mode is off though other calls, messages, and updates will still be received.

Changing Priority Mode Options

You can select the cog icon that shows up when you enable Priority Mode to change and customize Priority Mode in several different ways. Features like calls and messages, events and reminders can be changed using the toggle switches. You can use the Priority Mode wall of silence to choose people that you want to be able to call and message.

The ability to select different intervals for Priority Mode is another great option on OnePlus 5. Select Days, Start time and End time to set these options on your priority mode. This method saves you time having to change Priority Mode on and off manually.

Controlling Your Apps

You can also use the Android software to control specific apps within Priority Mode. First, scroll to the notification & sound screen and go to App notifications. Choose any apps toggle and change it to Priority. The benefit of Priority Mode feature on OnePlus 5 is that it blocks anything you don’t want.