OnePlus 5 Weather App

OnePlus 5 Weather App

OnePlus has just improved and add new features to its weather app. Accuweather controls the current weather conditions, and it comes with the OnePlus 5. And you can track the hourly and weekly weather forecasts.

Maybe you have deleted the weather app, or you probably can’t find it, we’ll explain how you can locate and add the weather widget. With the process below, you can add or remove weather widget on your OnePlus 5.

How to Find and Set OnePlus 5 Weather App

The first step you have to take is to go to home screen, tap and hold the control key and after which the home screen will minimize so that you’ll be able to view the different menu buttons. And after this, click on the “widgets” button, and search until you get the Weather widget.”

After you get the weather widget, tab and hold the icon until it drift and you can put the app on your OnePlus 5 home screen. In addition, you will see Accuweather icon that serves as an indicated that it is active.

With this, you hope you now know where to find weather app/widget on your OnePlus 5 Smartphone. The app also features dynamic weather animations, and it has an option where you can send weather updates by email, social media, and text.